Spode WorksThe Spode Museum Trust Heritage Centre opened in 2012 in one of the  period buildings on the Spode site in Stoke.  It was doubled in size in 2016 and is scheduled to expand further in 2017, with improved visitor facilities, new displays and activities and an enlarged museum shop.  In spite of its increased size the Centre is still run by Volunteers and depends heavily on donations to operate.

S.E.P Photos – Sarah Peart is a graduate of NULC, leaving with a triple Distinction in an Extended Diploma in photography, in 2016. She has had many successful collaborations with an art gallery & photography studio called One One Six. Sarah has been involved with many photographic projects (gaining more photographic experience) with them, such as Dark Thoughts Through a Sunny Window, Live Age Festival 2016 and has also had a solo exhibition on display at Terry’s Cafe, in The Potteries Center (Hanley, Stoke-On-Trent), with help from One One Six. As a photographer, Sarah has learned more about the technical side of it but also how to work with people and pets. Now known as SE Photos, Sarah is a self-employed artist, officially based at One One Six and continues to work with gallery owner Darren Washington on many projects.