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One One Six was established September 2013 and is fast becoming a well know name within the creative sector in Staffordshire. We have showcased many local, National and International Artists helping them to further their career in the industry. The gallery is set within Stoke Town underneath the Famous Spode Gates and is a true focal point within the town. Attracting many visitors for each event we hold and generating sales and promotion for all artists.

The gallery space is very affordable to hire and would work with any budget for any artist.
The Gallery hire price list

£100 1 week

£175 2 weeks

£250 3 weeks

(Priced on the basis of self invigilating)


Concessions for charitable or community based groups are available.

You can also hire the space short term from

  • £35 per Day on Weekdays
  • £50 per Day on Weekends

(includes assistance with layout and hanging of work and promotion through our website and social media outlets and full use of our kitchen facilities)

Gallery hire additional options included:

  • Unlimited internet usage (Free)
  • Edit and selection advice for art works (£25 per 30 minute session)
  • Invigilation of exhibitions (£40 per Day)
  • Flyer design (£35 including 3 A3 posters)
  • Hire of gallery frames (limited sizes and availability)
  • We also offer a framing service which is very affordable

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