Iridescent Effervescence – Katy Ryles


Inspired by nature, myth and a hint of magic, I welcome you to take a journey through my compositions.

My mixed media work evokes curiosity; be intrigued, be uplifted and be exhilarated. I encourage you to look at different angles and positions and to engage with what is in front of you.

To create different reflective surfaces I use high gloss resin and vitrail paints combined with luminous particles, hints of glitter and luscious colours.

Utilising these mixed media techniques creates a different interaction with a piece rather than just observation. The reflection of the light, the time of day and the position of the viewer brings a different perspective to the tableau.

From scenes of woodlands, bodies of shimmering fish, cosmic owl lovers to mermaids and sea unicorns and the mystery and magic it brings.