For one night only -Friday 29th April 6-8pm

Gallery  owner Darren Washington presents, Memories of Spode “Portrait from the Potteries” in conjunction with Barewall Ltd, Stoke on Trent city council and the National Portrait Gallery.

The Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 15, at the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery will be open for one special night inviting guests to come and view the exhibition speak to artists and also get the chance to see the work of Darren Washington with additional image from one one six intern Sarah Peart.



De Construction By James Dudley-Ward

Living in Stoke-on-Trent and in a Victorian terraced neighbourhood for twelve years, has provided me with a rich and fascinating urban experience to excite and inform my creative evolution. My multiple perceptions of this reality and the inexhaustible configurators that are manifested in this built environment with a limited vocabulary of formal elements continually excites and astonishes my eyes and brain.

Drawing and painting is the foundation upon which I stand and from which a wider practice has emerged For over forty years an appreciation and sensitivity to architecture, buildings and structures has consistently attracted my artist’s eye and informed my creativity.

In 2012 a long term inclination to work with three dimensions was fuelled by impulses and thoughts that directed and compelled my work into exploring the three dimensional actuality that my two dimensional work had for so long been addressing.

This exhibition reveals the twelve year developmental journey that I and my work have undertaken instinctively, from close observation of my environment, through identifying abstract elements within it, through exploring the three dimensional forms revealed and the ‘negative’ spaces/form that surrounds or is contained by them and most recently exploring the geometry integral to forms and spaces.

One One Six Presents Grey Porcelain By Sarah Peart, @ Terrys Bar Ltd, Hanley

As part of our ongoing plan to develop young and aspiring artists within Staffordshire, One One Six presents Grey Porcelain By Sarah Peart.

Sarah is currently in her final year at Newcastle college and is looking to develop her career in Photography. Her work leans towards the dark side and she would like to establish a career in the Arts and become a selling artist.

Sarah’s Telent has not gone unnoticed by Gallery Director Darren Washington, as she has been offered an internship at One One Six.

The work is on display for the next 3 months at Terrys Bar Ltd, Potteries centre lower market, Hanley, Stoke on Trent.

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