Anatomy of destruction By Barbara Witkowska 4th – 18th December 2015

We are pleased to announce our new show starting 4th December at one one six. Anatomy of destruction By Barbara Witkowska

In collaboration with Barbara’s Show we have the Projection Series by Lauren Cookson.

Barbara Witkowska’s attention is focused on the human as an inseparable part of nature. Humans are part of the eternal cycle of nature, a component of the body cells of the world, but only man becomes a destructive force of nature. Man, in the process of evolution has achieved the highest level of intellectual and emotional development and, by this process is able to create beauty and horror. Witkowska has always found the subject of human value intriguing, its desire for domination and sense of power over the world interests her on an intellectual and personal level. The artist’s practice attempts to explore a sense of the world and understand human nature through metaphysical investigation. Her artwork is an exploration of antagonistic human nature which consists of contradictory components and determines the order of the world. She draws inspiration from the past and present, with conscious and subconscious elements in order to explore human nature and to take a closer look at issues of identity, memory and existence.



STILL LIVING IN MY HEAD – BY Stephen Barry 17th – 28th November

We are pleased to announce our new exhibition Starting Tuesday 17th November, STILL LIVING IN MY HEAD By Stephen Barry

An exhibition of artwork by artist Stephen Barry. Stephen combines elements of sculpture and installation with ‘found objects’ to create an emotive story based on his degenerative condition: Luckodystrophy. He shares his difficult and painful story with the audience in a powerful and moving way, whilst still managing to retain his sense of humor. The exhibition runs from the 18th of November to the 28th with the preview on Friday the 20th, a must see for art lovers in the Staffordshire region.